SoLo/Happy Hollow Playground Community Email Jan 2017

Happy New Year 2017!

Please feel free to share information with others!  Any additions/corrections will be posted on my blog.  If you’re not sure of your community group contact me.  Look forward to seeing you soon!  Regards –Allison Weiss 215 843 5555

 (Jan 3, 2017-2 corrections) (Jan 5 Update/Change 39th PSA-1)

***SoLo ECA Energy Workshop Sat Jan 21 added below

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Mon Jan 2 through Sat Jan 14 

Tree Recycling Program

Citizens who wish to drop off their trees to be recycled may take them to the Streets Department Sanitation Convenience Centers open 8:00 am to 6:00 pm from Monday through Saturday.

*NW:  Wayne Ave & W Logan St or see below link

Locations are:

3033 S. 63rd Street                                     2601 W. Glenwood Avenue

Domino Lane & Umbria Street                  5100 Grays Avenue

State Road & Ashburner Street                  3901 N. Delaware Avenue

There will also be 23 designated locations to drop off Christmas trees throughout the city on Saturdays, January 7 and January 14 from 9am to 3pm.

*To find the location nearest to you, please visit

For a successful recycling program, residents should make sure that trees are free of all decorations and untied. Christmas trees with decorations cannot be recycled.  Christmas trees present a seasonal addition to the City’s waste stream.  By recycling them and returning them to the earth, we reduce our waste costs and create a valuable resource.

Additionall Info:


Mon. Jan 2 @ 12:30 PM-2PM (first Mon. monthly)


If you have a business on Wayne Ave please join us!

Or let someone who does know.

Wayne Ave. Berkley/Schoolhouse

Info: Allison Weiss 215 843 5555


Tues Jan 3 @ 7 pm (first Tues every other month) Next Meeting Feb 7

Baynton Hill Neighbors (RCO)

*51 East Penn Street (added Jan 3, 2017)

Contact:  Joseph McCarthy  215-844-8118



Wed Jan 5  @  8:15 AM (first Wed monthly) All Welcome to Participate!

Clean & Safe Committee Germantown Special Services District(GSSD)

NEW OFFICE/Meeting Place:  57 Maplewood Mall

5003 Germantown  Ave / Germantown Historical  Society Building

Agenda:  Ongoing cleaning effort.  Report from Ready, Willing & Able on their ongoing work.

(p) 215-848-1133 x 207 (o) 215-821-8145 (f)  215-848-2529


Thurs Jan 5 @ 6-8pm (first Thurs monthly)  This Group Needs Volunteers

Fitler Academics Plus Public School Home School Assoc (HSA)

140 W Seymour St Phila 19144

Parents of students @ Fitler

Info:  Fitler School 215 951 4048


Fri  Jan 6 @ 1 pm (First Fri every month)

Wayne Ave Merchant Association (WAM)

Clean, Green, Safe!

Wayne Ave: Berkley-Schoolhouse (4500-5400)

Lot’s of good information to share.

Let’s set a date for Town Watch training!  What’s a good day and time?

Info:  A. Weiss 215 843 5555


Mon Jan 9 @ 6 PM-7:30 (2nd Mon can vary please check) Please CHECK

Wakefield 49ers (RCO) Community Development and Improvement Association

PLEASE VERIFY location subject to change

Neighborhood issues; Wakefield St reno, dumping, emergency, townwatch, etc.

Info:  215-275-6853 Roz McKelvey


Mon Jan 9 @ 6 – 7:30 pm (2nd Mon monthly)

Friends of Vernon Park

5818 Germantown Ave., Center in the Park

Info:  Ruth Seeley



*CORRECTION Tues Jan 10  Mon Jan 9  @ 7 PM (2nd Mon monthly) Alternate between 2nd Mon & Tues

Penn Knox Neighbors Assoc (RCO)

Address TBA PA School for the Deaf 143 W Coulter St (off St parking)

Info:  Sue Patterson

Boundary: W Maplewood Ave on the north,W Hansberry St on the south, Wayne Ave on the west, Germantown Ave on the east


Tues Jan 10 @ 6-9 PM (Tues closest to the 8th each month) Please Check 

North West Neighborhood Networks

New address: 5736 (5722) Greene St. Phila, PA   19144 former Y now

Germantown Life Enrichment Center (GLELC)

We have frequent voter registration drives.

To get involved contact: David Schogel 215 266 1308


Tues Jan 10 @ 7 PM  (2nd Tue monthly)
PANA  (Penn Area Neighborhood Association-RCO)

Area bounded by East Chelten, Chew, Wister, Baynton in East Germantown)

431 E Locust Ave, Phila, PA, 19144. (fraternity house)

Monthly meeting and RCO community meetings re ZBA variances

Info: Nicholas Covolus <>


Wed Jan 11 @ 7:00 PM
14th District PSA 3 Meeting 

6970 Germantown Ave. Phila,Pa


Fri  Jan 13 @ 9:00 -10:30 AM (2nd Fri monthly)

Germantown Special Services District(GSDD) Board of Directors

Community Welcome! New President Ingrid Shepard

NEW Office/Meeting Place:  57 Maplewood Mall

5503 Germantown Ave (Germantown Historical Society Bldg)

NEW Director Coming This Month!

Info:  215 821 8145 or email


Meetings once a month 9:00 am see website for all dates


Tues Jan 17 @ 5:30 pm (3rd Tues monthly)

NCCY COALITION MEETING  (Northwest Community Coalition for Youth)



(entrance on Kenyon Street)

Info:  Isabella Fitzgerald  215-429-8051  215-549-3807 Fax


Tues Jan 17 @ 6 PM (3rd Tues monthly) Does anyone attend?  Please let me know.

39th Police District PDAC (Police Dept Advisory Council)

2201 W Hunting Park Ave

*   district calendar


Tues Jan 17 @ 6:00 PM (3rd Tues monthly)

14th Distr Captain’s Townhall  Townwatch Community Meeting

43 W Haines St.

Capt Sekou Kinenebrew


**Tues Jan 17 @ 7 pm now 6 see updated location/time (monthly meeting date/site varies)

Police Service Area PSA #1 (39th DISTRICT) COMMUNITY MEETING

Philadelphia University Campus, 4201 Henry Ave., Phila., Pa

3540 Indian Queen La (Carfax Bldg)

1/5/17 2201 W Hunting Park Ave (39th District Hdq) 6 pm

Meet with NEW Lieutenant Anthony McFadden, help him/her understand community needs and develop a strategy.

*   district calendar

**  find your district


Tues Jan 17 @ 7:00 PM

39th District PSA 3 Meeting
2543 W. Lehigh Avenue., Phila., Pa


Wed Jan 18 @ 3:30 PM (3rd Wed. each month) call to confirm


Everyone is welcome to join and help. 12 raised beds only a couple of vacancies

Worksite: 2nd level next to tennis courts/off Pulaski Av

Workday @ site Sat. 8AM-12Noon

Info: Allison Weiss 215 843 5555

Garden Volunteers Please Call we need you!


Wed Jan 18 @ 7 – 9 PM   (3rd Wed. Monthly) 

Germantown Artists Roundtable Gathering  

For location

please check calendar at

Artist Presentation- ALL artists and those in art related fields WELCOME!!.

Build on the foundation started to create an arts network/corridor in Germantown

RSVP Paula  Info:


Thurs Jan 19  @ 1 pm – 3 pm (3rd Thursday Every Month) New Name
CUA #6 Community Meeting 
former NW Epic/TNCP Stakeholders
Tabor Northern Children’s Services, Inc.
57 E. Armat St. (Use Kenyon St. Entrance) 19144
CONTACT:  Juanita Dennard, Coordinator-267 977 6056
Community Resource Liaison  267 339 3171 X636


Thurs Jan 19 @ 5:00 (3rd Thurs monthly) NEW Meeting Date, Time and Place

Wordsworth CUA #5 Community Meeting  Former Logan Olney Epic Stakeholders  Residents of the 39th and 35 Police Districts

4300 Wayne Ave, Steel School

CONTACT:  Wordsworth CUA #5: community liaison 267-766-2000 x2077

Dept Human Services


Thurs ?Jan 19? @ 6:30 – 8 pm (3rd Thurs monthly Sept through Nov. 2016)

(Suspended June, July, Aug)

Faith Community Development Corp (FCDC)  

108 East Price Street, Faith Chapel Church

Each month we intend to invite one of Germantown’s movers and shakers to share their ideas and to meet the people who share their interest in in improvement of our communities.

Info: Ines Love email:


Mon Jan 23 @ 6:00 pm (4th Mon. monthly)

39th Police District Captain’s Community/TownWatch-Meeting see

(lower southwest Germantown, East Falls, Nicetown, N Phila.)

2201 W Hunting Park, 39th District Station,

NEW Captain Anthony Ginaldi

District: 215 686 3390/1  NEW Crime Prevention Officer Bernard Spain & NEW Community Relations Officer Joseph Lukaitis:  215 686 2751


Mon Jan 23  @ 6:00 pm

39th Distr PSA 2 Meeting
1538 Wingohocking St., Phila., Pa

Find you PSA (Police Service Area):


Tues Jan 24 @ 6 PM (4th Tues monthly)

SoLo/Germantown Civic Association (RCO)

Meeting address:  5058 Wayne Ave (entrance Manheim St) Southside Church Center

Civic Association and RCO:  Southwest Central Lower Germantown

Wayne Junction – Happy Hollow Playground Area

This Meeting, RCO: ZBA Variance; 5339 Wayne (multi) 5101 Germantown Ave (phone store)

Info:  A Weiss 215 843 5555


Tues Jan 24 @7:00 PM (4th Tues monthly)

14th Distr PDAC
43 West Haines St.


Tues Jan 24 @7:00 PM

14th Distr PSA 2 Meeting
5826 McMahon St.


Tues Jan 31 @ 7:00 pm (last Tues of the month)

Southwest Germantown Neighbors Assoc

VA Admin Bldg (ID needed) lower level auditorium

5000 Wissahickon Ave.

Area: Queen La./Roberts – Wissahickon/Morris

Info: Bruce Marshall 215 844 8343

Irv Acklesburg 215 848 5226


INFO MISSING: Call/Email  me


??? Mon @ 6 PM Sat @ 1 PM (1 Monday/3rd Saturday monthly) ??? PLEASE CHECK

HAPPY HOLLOW PLAYGROUND Phila Dept Parks & Recreation


WE NEED YOU!  Community is welcome!

Wayne Ave and Logan St.

info: 215 685 2195  RECREATION LEADER, Jonto Swift hours 1 pm – 9 pm 215 685 2217 District Manager, Tom Dignam

KeySpot: Computer classes @ Happy Hollow Playground! Free access hours to the public


9/30/2016 We have no updated info.  Anyone attending or with info.  Please advise.

??? (4th Thurs every month board, membership & committee)

Germantown Community Connection (GCC)  RCO Anyone attending GCC please advise.

35 W Chelten Ave (First Presbyterian Church)

GCC initiates, collaborates & partners w/organizations to hold special public forums &events.



Tues Sept ? @ 6pm  CHECK FOR CURRENT INFO @ 6 PM

Chew Belfield Neighbors Club-RCO (CBNC) RCO

Info: Rev. Chester H Williams 215-849-8021


9/30/2016 We have no updated info re this organization.  Please advise.

G’town Restoration CDC RCO (no longer a NAC funded by OHCD)

5539 Germantown Ave

Info: 215 991 4744 mobile:  215 758 6855 John Churchville  G’town Rrestoration CDC

According to OHCD year 41 consol plan we have no NAC (Gtown Restoration CDC NAC)


NW Neighbors of Germantown Community Meeting

310 West Chelten Ave  State Rep Rosita Youngblood’s Office

Address; Crime-39th distr, fire safety, gas power plant, lead alert, sanitation & citations abandoned prop., Wissahickon  Playground, Sugar Tax & other-Office Councilwoman Bass

RSVP/Info:  Lisa Hopkins @ 215 844-6098 or


Of  Interest:

Commission on Phila Parks and Recreation

Get to know what’s going on with Philadelphia Parks & Recreation

and get the chance to speak directly to PPR Staff



Councilwoman Cindy Bass 8th District

Local District Office 4439 A Germantown Ave

Info:  Patrick Jones  215 685 9182 email:

Mon – Fri 9 AM til 5 PM Closed Sat/by appointment (9/2015)


Hansberry Garden

Corner of Wayne and Hansberry


Loose Ends:

Various Times and locations around the 39th Police District

Parent Cafe CUA 5(Community Umbrella Agency 5) Wordsworth 39th Police District

Locations and times vary

Breakfast, lunch or dinner and lively conversation

must RSVP (childcare available)

INFO:  Community Liaison at 267 766 2000, ext. 2077 or 267-789-5693

Charisma Williams

Various Times and locations around the 14th Police District


Parent Cafe CUA 6 (Community Umbrella Agency 6) Tabor Northern Services 14th Police District

Locations and times vary

Breakfast, lunch or dinner and lively conversation

must RSVP (childcare available)

INFO:  Community Resource Liaison  267 339 3171 X636


301 W Queen La/ Phila Housing Authority Update: Ribbon cutting Dec 15, 2015, people moving in!

New Mt. Moriah Baptist Church

5333 Pulaski Avenue


?Germantown HS Charter School Coalition?

Development of new charter school at the site.

130 W Walnut La

Info: Julie S Caroll  Petition online @  We Support a Charter School in the Germantown High School Building


NCCY Northwest Community Coalition Youth

Isabella Fitzgerald, Chairperson


Kelly Green Project

Greening of John B Kelly School

Pulaski Ave and Hansberry St. Germantown

More Info:


Germantown Town Hall Collaborative What Next

6001 Germantown Ave FUMCOG – please check to confirm location

Come hear about how we are trying to “keep the doors open” at the Town Hall. There is a lot of exciting news — too much to tell in an email — come on out and join the conversation!  To post to this group, send email to Visit this group at

To view this discussion on the web visit


Urban Resources Development Corporation

The Housing Rehabilitation Program purchases abandoned and foreclosed houses in Germantown, Mt. Airy, and the surrounding neighborhoods, renovates them, and then sells the houses to low and moderate income, first- time home buyers.  URDC usually purchases houses in stable neighborhoods where a dilapidated or abandoned house causes concerns for the neighbors.  Since its inception, URDC has renovated and sold over 30 houses in the northwest part of the city.

Urban Resources Development Corporation!housing-rehabilitation-program/cee5

6001 Germantown Ave., Phila., PA 19144

Ph 267-664-3538     fax 267-438-3077


Philly PAL

For the first time in it’s 68 year history, beginning 6/26 Philly PAL Centers will be open Fridays 5PM-9PM, and Saturdays 1PM-9PM! More…


Employment opportunities:

Phila Police Dept


Philly Future Track age 16-24 6 month paid program training  download application


Know your Police District and Police Service Area (PSA)

Community meetings w/lieutenant scheduled regularly. Information available at


Nicetown CDC NAC

Info: Majeedah A. Rashid, Chief Operating Officer-Nicetown CDC

4414 Germantown Avenue-3rd Floor, Suite B, Philadelphia, PA 19140

(215) 324-9772-NTCDC Headquarters (215) 329-1827-NTCDC Community Center

(215) 329-1825-Fax

Working Together To Put The Nice Back In “The Town”


Other Neighborhood Organizations/Contact them for information and please let me know.  Dates Unavailable at this Time Contact Info:


Blue Bell Hill Civic Association RCO  Blue Bell Hill straddles the Germantown and West Mount Airy neighborhoods, with most residents in Germantown 19144, others in Mt. Airy 19119. Blue Bell Hill  is bounded by Wissahickon Avenue, Walnut Lane, Cliveden Street (both sides, 19119), and the north/east edge of Fairmount Park. It includes residential streets between Walnut Lane and the park, Rittenhouse Town, as well as nearby residents who identify with our community.


Friends of Fernhill Park Est: 1989 –  Looking for current info please advise!


Germantown Life Enrichment Center (GLEC-former Y)

5722 Greene St.

Philadelphia, PA   19144

Phone: 215 844 3281



Germantown United CDC


Greater Germantown Business Assoc    Please advise any current info!

Info:  John Churchville or (215) 848-8511


Greening of John B Kelly School

5116 Pulaski Ave Phila pa 19144

Info:  Dennis Barneby



Nicetown CDC Community Center-4300 Germantown Avenue

Info: 215 329 1824


Swampoodle Neighborhood RCO


*Tioga United* RCO

1926 W Venango St

Phila., PA 19140

The W Rockland Street Project (between Greene St and Germantown Ave)

The W Rockland Street Project is a volunteer-driven effort to revitalize one Philadelphia city block. Please contact to get involved or volunteer! to learn more


West Central Germantown Neighbors RCO



Wister Neighborhood Council      Please advise any current info!

215 843 6565


Yes! And… Collaborative Arts

Transforming young lives through art and imagination.

215-ART-GANG (215-278-4264) |
Flickr Photos | YouTube Videos | Twitter @yesandcamp


Wed eves

Yoacap Advisory Council

Youth Outreach Adolecent Community Awareness Program

Shane Victorino Boy’s and Girl’s Club, Clarissa and Hunting Park

To enhance the quality of life and health for Philadelphians through community-based and culturally competent interventions. Needs community participation. Info:  Woody 215 851 1834 cell 215 778 4455


Learn More:


Vacant Land:


Quality of Life:


Great Map: Parcels/Property Owners:


Georgia E. Gregory Interdenominational School of Music 1628-30 W. Allegheny Avenue  Phila. PA. 19132-1745.. 215-430-0435  (215) 430-0452 (fax)  Joyce Drayton, Founder/Executive Director


*Comcast internet essentials

Low cost:  computer 149.95, internet 9.95, classes, online tutorials

Comcast Cable $9.95 per month

Comcast Cable is the sole provider of the Internet Essentials high-speed internet service designed specifically for low income Americans who have a child who participates in the National School Lunch program, developed by Comcast. For information on this cheap internet plan for only $9.95 a month,


  • Have at least one child who qualifies for the National School Lunch Program.
  • Do not have outstanding debt to Comcast that is less than a year old.

Families with outstanding debt more than one year old may still be eligible.

  • Live in an area where Comcast Internet Service is available but have not subscribed to it within the last 90 days.   1-855-8-INTERNET



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