What You Can Do

-Have a FREE street tree planted in front of your property.http://treephilly.org/street-trees/

-Recycle.  Rewards are available.  http://www.philadelphiastreets.com/recyclingrewards.aspx

-Clean  and sweep the trash in front of your house.  Do a little more not less.  Become a Phila. More Beautiful Block Captain.  http://philadelphiastreets.com/pmbc.aspx

-Call 911 for Emergency and 311 for Non Emergency but CALL!  You may be helping a neighbor.

-Attend your neighborhood community meeting.  You are welcome to attend ours! Solo/Germantown Civic Association (southwest central lower Germantown) 4th Tues. 6 pm every month. 126-8 W Seymour St.

-Attend Happy Hollow Playground Recreation Advisory Council Meetings. They are public meetings and are held 6 pm the first Monday of every month 4800 Wayne Ave.  Happy Hollow is part of the Phila. Dept. of Parks and Recreation and most recreation centers in the city have an advisory council if the center near you does not start one.  http://www.phila.gov/parksandrecreation/Pages/default.aspx

-We need 100 signatures for our Citizinvestor Project “Litter B Gone”  trash/recycle bins  http://www.citizinvestor.com/petition/litter-b-gone

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