NW Registered Community Organizations (RCO)

The list follows some background information for those interested. -aw

Under the new Phila zoning code (Aug. 2012) before any zoning variance will be heard by the board the applicant must attend a community meeting organized by a RCO (registered community organization-community based not issue based)  to make a presentation of the proposed project. the rco then reports results of the community discussion to the planning commission, council office and zoning board prior to the actual hearing date for the boards consideration. there are many rco’s which one can be determined by proximity to the property location or mutual agreement.

phila planning commission website link click upper left for search by address


Neighbors are still welcome to attend the actual zoning hearing and weigh in their thoughts re the variance to the zoning board (zba) before the decision. 

Hearings are held at 1515 arch st 18th floor.  Watch and read the orange zoning notices. Attend the rco meeting when announced. Go to the hearing.

When an applicant files for a zoning variance. under the new system one year old now ie rco the rco must hold a community meeting where the applicant  make a presentation of the project to those present and hopefully at the meeting things can be mutually resolved. the rco then writes a letter before the actual hearing to the zba board for their reference and guidance copy to  planning commission/matt wysong and council rep at cindy’s office job itskowitz.  if there is disagreement individuals may still attend the actual zba hearing and be heard.

Beside waiting for a bright orange sticker to appear on a property a way to know when there is a zba application in your area is to monitor the zoning calendar at http://www.phila.gov/li  as part of the new zoning code adopted aug 2012 the applicant is required to contact an rco in advance of the hearing so a community meeting can be organized and announced.  the hearing will not proceed without a community meeting. the rco can request a continuance in advance if there has not been a meeting.

 It bears emphasis that the only special benefits granted to Registered Community Organizations over other groups or individuals are: notification of proposals in their area, the right and responsibility to meet with the developer, and the chance to participate in Civic Design Review. Any non-registered group or individual may still testify before the City Planning Commission, the Civic Design Review Committee, City Council, and the Zoning Board of Adjustment. Nothing in the zoning code says that RCOs’ comments are to be given any more weight than anyone else’s.  excerpt from:

Battle looming over Registered Community Organizations

Plan philly oct 24, 2013



Phila Planning Commission Registered Community Organizations (RCO) http://www.phila.gov/CITYPLANNING/PROJECTREVIEWS/Pages/RegisteredCommunityOrganizations.aspx

In Upper NorthWest (Germantown)

1.Chew and Belfield Neighbors Club, Inc.
Rev. Chester H. Williams
6211 Chew Ave. Philadelphia PA 19138
jesus4620032004@yahoo.com Dontay Williams P.O. Box 14134

2.SoLo/Germantown Civic Association
allison weiss 4908 Wayne Ave Phila Pa 19144
nettie boykin 109 w seymour st phila pa 19144

3.Blue Bell Hill Civic Association
Ron Goldwyn 696 West Johnson St, 19144
Erik Werne 615 West Johnson St, 19144
rongoldwyn@yahoo.com  treepath@earthlink.net

4.Germantown Community Connection (GCC)
Betty Turner 49 W. Rittenhouse Street, Phila 19144
Rev. Nancy Muth 35 W. Chelten Avenue, Phila 19144
bettyturner1@gmail.com   nmuth@aol.com

5.GTown (Germantown) Restoration CDC/NAC-NAS
Cornelia Swinson 5539 Germantown Avenue Philadelphia, PA 19144
Sloane Folks 5539 Germantown Avenue Philadelphia, PA 19144
cswinson@gtownrestorationcdc.org   sfolks@gtownrestorationcdc.org

6. PANA-Penn Area Neighborhood Association
Nicholas Covolus 426 E Church Ln Philadelphia, PA 19144
Eleanore Alter 535 E Church Ln Philadelphia, PA
ncovolus@wister.org eleanorealter@comcast.net

7.Wakefield 49ers

Rosalind McKelvey 4926 Wakefield St, Phila 19144
Nekeira Batchelor 1062 E. Gorgas Lane, Phila 19150

8.West Central Germantown Neighbors (WCGN)
A. Luke Smith 126 W. Washington Ln, Phila 19144
David Plante 6129 Greene St, Phila 19144
a.lukesmith@gmail.com   david@ritterandplante.com

9.West Chelten Neighbors Inc.
West Chelten Neighbors, Inc. C/O
Dana Olexy  P.O. Box 44485 Philadelphia PA 19144
Nicole Juday 449 West Price Street Philadelphia PA 19144
dana.olexy@yahoo.com   nicolejuday@gmail.com

11/6/2013 per Nicole juday now howard treatman and Tom Judd          hrtreat@aol.com  tomjuddart@gmail.com

10.West Mt. Airy Neighbors
Marilyn H. Cohen West Mt. Airy Neighbors
6703Germantown Avenue Suite 200 Philadelphia, PA 19119
Ralph Pinkus Ralph S. Pinkus Law Two Penn Center Plaza
1500 John F. Kennedy Blvd., Suite 1930 Philadelphia, PA 19102
marilyn@wman.net   rsp@pinkuslaw.com

11.East Mt. Airy Neighbors
Elayne Bender 7301 Germantown Ave, Phila 19119
Derek Green, Esq. 7301 Germantown Ave, Phila 19119
elayne@eastmountairy.org   derekgreen@vzw.blackberry

12.13th Ward North Community Group
Charles Carn 3853 N. 19th Street charles.carn1@yahoo.com
Cynthia Parker 3963 N. 17th Street cynthiacommitteeperson@gmail.com

Add aug 2013
13.Awbury Arboretum Association, Inc. (RCO)
Mark Sellers 1 Awbury Road, Philadelphia, PA 19138
Christopher Van DeVelde 1 Awbury Road, Philadelphia, PA 19138        cavuontop@aol.com    cvandevelde@awbury.org

Add (2) aug 2013
14. Faith Development Corporation
John Graves 108 E. Price St., Phila. PA 19144
Latisha Garrett 108 E. Price St., Phila.PA 19144
plainjohngraves@gmail.com   peesh9d8@gmail.com

15. Friends of the Wissahickon
8708 Germantown Avenue Philadelphia PA 19118
Maura McCarthy mccarthy@fow.org
Ruffian Tittmann tittmann@fow.org

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