Photo: This is my first Crime & Safety Meeting of the year. Please attend and share your concerns.

Tues.  Jan 28 @ 6 PM (4th Tues monthly) CANCELLED-church closed

SoLo/Germantown Civic Association (RCO)

HolyTemple of Deliverance (parking on site)

126 W. Seymour   St

Special Guest:  Rep. from NAC program of OHCD/RCO ZBA 5217 Greene St



Photo: Come out and have brunch with me!


Please join us

Mon Jan 20 @ 10 am-12 noon

Martin Luther King Day 2014-SoLo/Germantown Civic Association &WAM

4919-25 Wayne Ave (Municipal Parking Lot)

We will be there working to do what we can to Clean Up the lot. We welcome you to join us!

Info:  Allison Weiss 215 843 5555 Nettie Boykin 215 844 1052


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