Who’s on the Board

BOARD listings thus far.  Please let me know if there is an organization you would like to see listed.

East Mount Airy Neighbors, Germantown Community Connection(incomplete), Germantown United, Germantown Historical Society(incomplete), Germantown Life Enrichment Center, Germantown Special Services District,  Gtown Restoration CDC/NAC-NAS(program OHCD), Johnson House, Mt Airy USA, NAS, New Directions for Women, One Less Foundation, Philadelphia Housing Development Corp., SoLo/Germantown Civic Assoc., Tookany/Tacony-Frankfort Watershed, Weavers Way, West Mt Airy Neighbors…

added: 1/17 Phila. Land Bank


Center in the Park 5818 Germantown Ave, Phila., PA 19144Board of Directors – 2013-2014
President: Derek S. Green,       Esq., Special Counsel, Councilwoman Tasco’s Office
Philadelphia City Council
Vice President: The Reverend Dr.       Nancy E. Muth
Senior Pastor, The First Presbyterian Church in Germantown
Treasurer: Reginald V. Cooper
Sr. Small Business Specialist, Sovereign Bank
Secretary: Judith A. Mackarey,       Esq.
Mackarey & Davidson, P.C.
Past President:
Jennifer L. Bragg,       Esq.
Jennifer L. Bragg, LLC
Virginia Dreby * Earle N. Barber,       Jr.
Nina V. Kenney * Russell L. Brown
H. Keith Mosley * Edwin C. Dreby,       3rd
Ruth Russell * Rev. Marjorie N.       Farmer (Daughter of Co-Founder, Laura Drake Nichols)
Reverend William J.       Shepherd * Clarice G.       Herbert
* Reverend Francis       A. Shearer

* Deceased

Shirley Preston Maitlon Russell
Mary J. Fallon Peter E. Smith
Frederick M. Lewis William J. Holmes,       CPA
Artis T. Ray Victor Alan Young,       Esq.
Delores Salamone Diane Branch Jones
Ed Tettemer  
Carol M. Allen
Director of Public Affairs and Program Development
Gateway Health Plan
Katherine Clupper
Managing Director, PFM Group
Doris Beeks, Ex       Officio
President, Center in the Park Advisory Council
William Epstein
Director of Communications
UFCW Local 1776
Ernest Freeman
Certified Planner
Charles M. Greene
Principal, C.M. Greene & Associates
Karen Leslie-Henry
Director, Center for Community & Professional Services
Pennsylvania School for the Deaf
Randolph K. Brock
Vice President-Investment Officer – Wells Fargo, LLC
Hiliary H.       Holloway, Jr., MS, CPEA
Safety Professional
Lowell L. Thomas,       Esquire
General Counsel for the Philadelphia
Housing Development Corporation
Reverend Dr.       Alexander G. Houston
Senior Pastor, Cohansey Baptist Church
Emilee J. Taylor
Art Educator
Lynn Fields Harris, MPA, Executive Director
Renee C.     Cunningham-Ginchereau, MSS,     Associate Director
Megan McCoy, MSS, MLSP, LSW, Director of Grant Research &     Development

rev. 09/13


East Mt Airy Neoghbors (EMAN) 7301 Germantown Ave., Phila., PA, 19119

President……………………Kent Reichert
Vice President……………….Matthew Mueller, Esq.
Secretary (acting)…………..Janet Amato
Treasurer……………………Jocie Dye


Janet Amato
David Bell
Jamie A. Camp, Esq.
Jocie Dye
Elvira Evans
Derek S. Green, Esq.
Leon King, Esq.
Dutch Klugman
Hollie Malamud-Price
Ellen Marcus
Rev. Heidi Rodrick-Schnaath
Matthew Mueller, Esq.
Daniel Muroff
Kent Reichert

Anne C. Ewing, emeritus
Bill Ewing, emeritus
Rev. Dr. Philip Krey. emeritus

– See more at: http://www.eastmountairy.org/board.cfm#sthash.pCRdLOlR.dpuf

Germantown Community Connection 35 W Chelten Ave Phila PA 19144

Board 2013 (incomplete)

Betty Turner, President and Co Founder

Rev. Nancy Muth


Germantown United CDC 5219 Germantown Ave Phila PA 19144

Board Members 2013



Andy Trackman, Principal, AC Trackman Consulting

Vice President

Julie Stapleton-Carroll, Education Consultant


Luke Smith, Esquire, Attorney, Faruqi & Faruqi LLP


Steven Coleman, PresidentAegis Group + Business Consultant, Awbury Neighbors


Yvonne B. Haskins

Esquire, Founder of New Directions for Women

Howard Treatman

Esquire, Founder and Co-Principal of Harvest Equities

Barbara Hogue

Executive Director of Historic Germantown/Freedom’s Backyard

Sarah B. Endriss

MLA, Landscape Architectural Designer

Peter DiCarlo

Architect, Partner, Levy DiCarlo Partners, LLC

Brendon Jobs

History teacher, Philadelphia High School for Girls

Umi Howard

Director, Lipman Family Prize, Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania

Ingrid Shepard

Principal, Shepard Consulting, Executive Director, The One Less Foundation

Yomi Awodesu

Programs Director,Germantown Life Enrichment Center

Garlen Capita

Associate, Urban Designer at Wallace Roberts & Todd, LLC

Stan Smith

Principal, phillyofficeretail.com, President of SmithHouston.com, Operator of the PegasusRoom.com

Tieshka Smith

Independent photographer, blogger, community arts project manager

Joe Martin

Founder and CEO, Acclaim Academy

http://www.germantownhistory.org/     http://www.freedomsbackyard.com/

The Germantown Historical Society/Historic Germantown 5501 Germantown Ave, Phila., PA 19144



Germantown Life Enrichment Center (GLEC) 5722 Greene St.Phila., PA   19144

Officers 2013
Rev. Jesse W Brown, Jr., President

Constance Billé, Secretary

John Nolan, Treasurer

Maurice Walls, Chief Executive Officer

Board Members

Delores Archie

Malik Boyd

Pamela Bracey

Mr. Jesse Brown

Theresa D Brunson, Esq.

Brenda Marie Cherry

Walter C Chisholm, Esq.

Tawana McCain Hardy, RN.

Shelah Harper

Marcus von Heppinstall

Richard Isaac

Vanessa Lowe, MBA.

Ajani Malik

Daniel McDevitt

Afia McKinley

Lewis Miller

Angel Saysay, MSW.

David Schogel

Curtis Smith

Rev. Chester Williams

Rev. Robyn Brooker


Germantown Special Services District (GSSD) 5219 Germantown Ave Phila PA 19144

(A Municipal Authority)

The Board of Directors 2013


Joseph Martin

Joseph Martin, CEO of Acclaim Academy (GSSD business), was appointed June 2013 to the board and selected to be the interim chairman of the board. Joseph also sits on the Board of Directors for Germantown United CDC.


Greg Peil


Greg Peil, Manager of Bridge Development Group (GSSD Property owners of Chelten Plaza), was appointed June 2013 to the board.


Joseph Waldo


Joseph Waldo, President of Urban Resources Development Corporation, a nonprofit organization, was appointed in June 2013 to the board and was selected to be the interim vice president for the board.



Barbara Hogue

Barbara Hogue, is the Executive Director of Historic Germantown appointed in June 2013 to the board and was selected to be the interim treasurer for the board. Barbara also sits on the Board of Directors for Germantown United CDC.


Joseph Corrigan

​Joseph Corrigan, is the Director of Communications in Councilwoman Cindy Bass’s office and was appointed in June 2013 as the representative from her office to the board and selected to be the interim secretary for the board.


Matt Canno

Matt Canno, is the Director of Acquisitions for Ironstone Capital Partners (GSSD Property Owners) and was appointed in June 2013 to the board.


Mjenzi Traylor

Mjenzi Traylor, a Germantown resident was appointed in June 2013 to the board. Mjenzi also sits on the Board of Directors for Germantown Restoration CDC.

Nominated Director

Cornelia Swinson

Cornelia Swinson, is the Director of Germantown Restoration CDC, and a board member and Executive Director of the Johnson House Historic Site.

Nominated Director

Robert Wheeler

Robert Wheeler, owner and operator of Wired Beans Cafe. Robert is also a board member of Germantown Life Enrichment Center (GLEC).

Nominated Director

Ingrid R. Shepard

Ingrid R. Shepard, Germantown resident, owner of Shepard Consulting, LLC and Executive Director of THE ONE LESS FOUNDATION.

Nominated Director

Jong Lee

Jong Lee, owner and operator of Chelten Hair Inc. (GSSD business).

Nominated Director

Dr. Francine Fulton

Dr. Francine Fulton, Founder/CEO of Imani Education Circle Charter School (GSSD Property Owners).

Nominated Director

Linda Samuel

Linda Samuel, owner of The Flower Cafe (GSSD business).

Nominated Director

John Churchville

John Churchville, Germantown resident and President of Greater Germantown Business Association.

Committee Member

Irv Acklesberg


Irv Acklesberg, is a longtime Germantown resident, activist and community attorney.

Committee Member

Stan Smith


Stan Smith,  is committed community developer with over 25 years of experience, specializing in the commercial corridor of Germantown (GSSD Property owner) and is a principal of  PhillyOfficeRetail.com, Managing member of The Flying Horse Center (flyinghorsecenter.com ) and operator of the Banquet Hall at the Pegasus Room. (www.pegasusroom.net) at 5534 Pulaski Ave.

Commitee Member

Marcus Heppinstall


Marcus Heppinstall, longtime Germantown resident and staff member for State. Rep. Rosita Youngblood. Marcus is also the former owner and operator of Heppinstall Hair Studio.


G’Town (Germantown) Restoration CDC/NAC-NAS (also NAC-NAS) 5539 Germantown Ave. Phila PA 19144


Derrick B. Jackson

William Durham
Vice President

Mary Lawton

Mjenzi Traylor

Stacey Wright

Anthony Mc Intosh

Joseph Meade

Michelle Y. Tollen

James Eichelberger

Anna Figueroa

John Elliott Churchville


Cornelia Swinson

Darryl H. Milling
Chef Instructor

Beverly A. Hampton
Case Manager/Data Entry Specialist

Yvonne Cummings
Administrative Assistant

Vivian Moore
Administrative Assistant

David Coleman

Carolyn Wilson
Data Entry Assistant

Sloane Folks
NAC Program Coordinator


Johnson House Historic Site 6306 Germantown Ave., Phila., PA 19144

Board of Directors 2013

Sharon Askew, B.S.
Patricia J. Bass, R.N., M.A.
Augustus Baxter
Sheila Bennett, MHS
Maureen Pie’ Bruno, Esq.
Valda, Dawson, Ph.D.
Onyx O. Finney, B.A.
Kate Kaman, BFA
Mary Lawton, CPA
Joseph F. McCarthy, R.A.
Anne Monteith, B.A.
Henry Nwalipenja
Ena V. L. Swain
Fasaha M. Traylor, M.Ed.


Cornelia Swinson
Executive Director

Shirley Smith
Administrative Intern

Loree Schuster

Wendy Burton

Jim Crichton

Jackie Wiggins

William Thomas
Buildings and Grounds



Mt. Airy USA 6703 Germantown Ave., Suite 200, Phila,, PA. 19119

2013 Board of Directors

Kim Alvarez
(Avenida Restaurant)

John Cacciamani
(Chestnut Hill Hospital)

Michael Cohen – President
(Rodman Properties, Inc.)

John Curry
(Harvest Equities, Inc.)

Monique DeLaphena
(Ballard Spahr Andrews & Ingersoll)

Derek Green
(Office of Councilwoman Marian Tasco)

Parris Hall
(Renovo Ventures)

Clifton Jones
(New Covenant Church of Philadelphia)

Jerome Mitchell
(The Gathering Place)

Dan Muroff – Secretary
(Muroff Government Strategies, LLC)

Ahsan Nasratullah
(JNA Capital)

Joffie Pitman
(Philadelphia Housing Authority)

Theodore Reed
(Reed Group)

Lesley Seitchik
(Valley Green Bank)

Howard Treatman
(Harvest Equities, Inc.)

Peggy Zwerver
(Earth Bread & Brewery)

NAC-NAS G’Town (Germantown) Restoration CDC/NAC-NAS
Neighborhood Advisory Committee (NAC) A program funded by OHCD

Neighborhood Area Subcommittee (NAS) Represents the overall interests of the community and plays a vital role in the direction and implementation of Gtown-NAC activities.

The NAS will be comprised of 13 members who will represent the following key
stakeholder groups:

2 youth (ages 18 -25) Dimonique Robinson  and Markeith Jordan

2 business Andre Alexander (interim Pres) and Mitchell Corinaldi

2 institutional Andrew Lofton and Fred Lewis

5 resident s (1  per quadrant whose boundaries are defined below)
Aine Doley(resigned) 1, Kimberly Brown(resigned) 2 , no rep 3, Robert Perry(interim Sec) 4, Gary Miller 5

2 observers members of the G’Town Restoration CDC/NAC Board of Directors

Ana Figaroa and  Derrick Jackson

Quadrant I East of Germantown Ave, South to Chelten Ave, West to Wissahickon Ave, and
North to Berkley St

Corrected: West of Germantown Ave to Wissahickon Ave, South of Chelten Ave to Wayne

Quadrant II West of Germantown Ave, North to Chelten Ave, East to Wissahickon Ave, and
South to West Johnson St
corrected: West of Germantown Ave to Wissahickon Ave, North to Chelten Ave to West
Johnson St

Quadrant III East of Germantown Ave, North to Washington Ln, West to Chew Ave, and South
to East Gorgas Ln
correction: East of Germantown Ave to Chew Ave North, South of Gorgas Ln to Washington Ln

Quadrant IV East of Germantown Ave, South to Washington Ln, West to Stenton Ave, and
North to East Chelten Ave
correction: East of Germantown Ave to Stenton Ave, South of Washington to Chelten Ave

Quadrant V East of Germantown Ave, South to Chelten Ave, and North to East Wister St

Correction: East from Chelten (on Chelten) and Germantown Avenue to Wister Street, West
from Wister to Stenton Ave and Germantown Avenue, Germantown Avenue to
Chelten Ave.

The G’Town Restoration CDC/NAC Neighborhood Advisory Sub-committee (NAS)
sits in an advisory capacity to the G-Town Restoration CDC Board of
Directors on all program activities relating to the implementation of the
G’Town NAC Program and OHCD contract. The NAS shares responsibility for
guiding the community toward continuous improvement. There is no funding
allocated to the NAS. Service on the NAS is voluntary.

During the next few months the NAS will select a chair or co-chair,
determine whether to establish by-laws and identifying committees. Bylaws
are not required, as the NAS is a sub-committee under the jurisdiction of
the G’Town Restoration CDC/NAC Board of Directors.  Operating Procedures for
the NAS will be developed and adopted by the G’Town Restoration Board of
Directors, with input from NAS members.

The NAS members will also receive training in the following; structure
purpose and role, community and parent involvement, needs assessments and
planning, local demographic data development, and communicating the NAC
program to community shareholders.

What is a Neighborhood Advisory Sub-committee (NAS)?

All organizations designated to implement the NAC Program are required by
the Office of Housing & Community Development (OHCD) to form a Neighborhood
Advisory Sub-committee (NAS).  G’Town NAC will facilitate the process to
elect representatives to serve as members of a Neighborhood Advisory
Sub-committee (NAS).  A NAS is responsible for providing recommendations to
the G-Town Board of Directors for the implementation of all activities as
defined in the NAC contract Scope of Services.  The NAS is comprised of
elected community-based members who represent the community. The group
shares responsibility for guiding the community toward continuous
improvement. The G’Town NAC is responsible for establishing a NAS for the
service area and shall develop procedures to guide and oversee the election.
The NAS shall include in its name the words “neighborhood advisory

What is the role of the Neighborhood Advisory Sub-committee?

The Neighborhood Advisory Sub-committee sits in an advisory capacity to the
G-Town Restoration CDC Board of Directors on all program activities relating
to the implementation of the G’Town NAC Program and OHCD contract.

Who serves on the Neighborhood Advisory Sub-committee?

Potential candidates must live within the service area boundaries to
eligible to run for representation to serve on the NAS.   The boundaries

Wissahickon Avenue on the West; Johnson Street, Gorgas Lane, and Cliveden
Streets on the North; Reading Railroad Company’s Chestnut Hill Line
right-of-way (parallel to Belfield Avenue) on the East; and Berkley Street,
Germantown Avenue, Penn Street, and Wister Street on the South.   The target
area includes census tracts:  238 – 244, 246 – 250, 252 and 253.

How are NAS members elected?

G’Town Restoration CDC, through its NAC program, will establish a
Nominations & Election Committee.  The committee is responsible for
establishing procedures, for Board approval, and for use by the
organization, in electing members (business, institutions, community, and
youth (ages 14-25) members) to the NAS.  This includes a means of ensuring
broad based notice of and seeking input on possible members from residents,
local businesses, and community and civic organizations.

How are NAS elections conducted?

The Election Committee will establish Board approved nominating procedures
and oversee the elections to insure an equitable and fair process.  Voting
will occur at an advertised public location using election ballots.  Ballots
are counted, recorded and retained.  Ballots will be kept by the NAC Program
and the results of the election will be certified by OHCD and reflected in
official NAS and Board of Directors minutes.

Do elections have to be recorded?

Elections must be open and fair.  Elections must be by written and signed
ballots.  The ballots are recorded officially and certified by OHCD, for
auditing purposes.

Does OHCD require the composition of NAS to reflect the racial balance of
the target area?

No, the NAS must reflect the economic conditions in the geographic area
served by the NAC.

Who serves as Chair of the NAS?

After members are elected to serve on the NAS, any member can be elected by
NAS members, to serve as Chair. The NAS may choose to elect co-chairs so
that a business member and/or a community-based member can lead jointly.

Are persons serving as a NAS member required to be screened?

No. However, G’Town Restoration CDC reserves the right to conduct a check of
volunteers’ backgrounds.

What is a quorum?

A majority of the membership of the advisory sub-committee (more than half)
constitutes a quorum.

Who develops the NAS bylaws?

Bylaws are not required The NAS is a sub-committee under the jurisdiction of
the G’Town Restoration CDC Board of Directors.  Operating Procedures for the
NAS will be developed and adopted by the G’Town Restoration Board of Directors, with input from NAS members.

How much money is allotted to NAS?

There is no funding allocated to the NAS. Funding is allocated to the G’Town
Restoration CDC to implement the NAC contract.  Funds allocated for the NAC
is based on the receipt of federal funding from the Community Development
Block Grant (CDBG) program.   The amount allocated to the NAC will depend on
the availability of federal funding for the program.

How much notice is given to NAS members for agenda items?

The NAC is required to give at least 3 business days advance notice in
writing to all members of the NAS of any matter that is scheduled to come
before the sub-committee for a vote.

When are NAS meetings scheduled?

The NAS is required to hold at least 10 meetings per year.  Meeting will be
scheduled to insure the greatest level of participation by all members.
Location and time of meetings will be an important consideration for
promoting attendance and participation.

Can members who have been absent be replaced?

Yes. Once elected, a member who has two or more consecutive unexcused
absences from the Neighborhood Advisory Sub-committee can be replaced.

Are meeting minutes required?

Yes. Minutes will be written or tape recorded and kept for three years.

Who provides training for new NAS members?

The G’Town Restoration CDC is responsible to identify training for the NAS.
The Office of Housing & Community Development (OHCD) and other consortia may
also provide training.

What neighborhood committees will be established by the NAC?

Community Engagement

General Membership

What topics will typically be covered in NAS training?

Structure, Purpose and Role

Community and Parent Involvement

Needs Assessments and Planning

Local Demographic Data

Developing and Communicating the NAC to community shareholders

MORE INFORMATION Sloane Folks 215-991-4744  sfolks@gtownrestorationcdc.org


New Directions for Women, Inc. 4807 Germantown Ave., Phila., PA  19144

Staff & Board

Carolyn Stewart, Executive Director

Carolyn came to New Directions for Women in 2005 and has over twenty years of experience working with the reentering female population. She is passionately committed to re-integration and trauma-centered therapy for women offenders. She is a member of the American Correctional Association (ACA) as well as the International Community Corrections Association (ICCA) and has received numerous awards for her work with women in need.

Stacey Skiffer, Program Coordinator

Stacey joined New Directions in 2006 after successfully managing programming at the Wilmington, Delaware YWCA and shelter. She has a degree in criminal justice and over 20 years’ experience working with female offenders. She has successfully initiated, maintained and expanded services for residents at New Directions with little cost to our funders. She researches and locates volunteer facilitators for necessary instruction and acts as interim Case Manager before our graduates enter New Directions’ aftercare program.

Shekima Murray, Intake Specialist

Shekima has worked at New Directions since 2007. She performs essential functions both inside and outside the walls of New Directions. Shekima conducts intake interviews with potential program candidates at Philadelphia county’s correctional facility for women, corresponds with judges, attorneys and community corrections staff. Additionally, she escorts residents off-site for services and obtains the necessary identification and access to services they need to complete our program here and become ready to return to the community.

Gwendolyn Wilks, Facilities Administrator

Gwen has worked with the population at New Directions since 2002. She manages our administrative offices and provides for all our building’s and residents’ basic needs. Along with making her weekly shopping trips for supplies, Gwen supervises meal planning and food preparation in our kitchen.

Sherry Avery, Monitor Supervisor

Sherry began working with the population at New Directions in 2007. She is responsible for scheduling household events for the residents and maintaining for each woman a schedule of outings (for doctor appointments, counseling, etc.). With over 20 years of work in the behavioral health field, Sherry manages a staff of six part-time monitors.

Phillis Jackson, Aftercare Case Manager

Phillis joined New Directions in 2011 through generous support from the Barra Foundation. Mental health care was her professional focus from 1992 until 2005 when she earned her bachelor’s degree in social work. Since then, she has worked full-time as a Case Manager. She promotes our women’s progress through encouragement, mentorship and expression.

Liz Newlon, Communications/Development Specialist

Liz joined New Directions for Women in March of 2012; her position is supported by capacity-building grants from the Samuel S. Fels Fund and the Philadelphia Foundation. With a masters degree in fine art, Liz has a strong background in professional writing and higher education. Guidance from our Executive Director, Executive and Advisory Boards and Development Committee, is helping her map the best routes toward our organization’s growth.

New Directions for Women
Executive Board

Constance Kossally, President (Attorney, US Dept. of Health and Human Services)

Tom Zemaitis, Vice President (Attorney, Pepper Hamilton)

Kathleen Creamer, Secretary (Attorney, Community Legal Services)

Al Wadler, Treasurer (Director of Finance, HMS School for Children with Cerebral Palsy)

Jan Albaum (Nonprofit Consultant)

Bradley S. Bridge (Attorney, Defender Association of Philadelphia)

Anne Fisher (Attorney, Defender Association of Philadelphia)

Monique Delapenha (Attorney, Ballard Spahr)

Dick Fernandez (Nonprofit/Congregation Consultant)

Lydia Kirkland (Former Municipal Court Judge)

Robert Groves (Former Director of Community Services, New Courtland)

Rochelle Laws (Attorney, Fox Rothschild)

Eleanor Myers (Associate Professor, Temple Law School)

Carla Thompson Neal (Program Director, Turning Points for Children)

Jeanette Palmer (Supervisor, Adult Probation Department)

Monte Partee (Vice President, Inventiv Health)

Shea Rhodes (Attorney, District Attorney’s Office)

Richard Shore (Criminal Defense Attorney)

Lauren Vidas (Government and External Affairs Specialist, Office of the Mayor)

Sara Woods (Executive Director, Philly VIP)

New Directions for Women
Advisory Board

Amy Carder

Phil Goldsmith

Ellen Greenlee

Anne Hagele

Yvonne Haskins

Tom Innes

Gerry Kaufman

Edmund V. Ludwig

Marcia Makadon

Mary Posner

Jane Siegel

Nancy Warren

Fora Wolf


One Less Founation 2013  5275 Germantown Ave. 2nd flr., Phila., PA 19144


Board of Directors                                                         Committee Members
Ms. Ingrid R. Shepard, Chairman                                                        Ms. Mechelle Love
Mr. David E. Phillips                                                                                Mrs. Melody Chappell
Mrs. Catherine E. Paige-Walker                                                          Mrs. Emily Felsted Brady
Mrs. Tosha Shepard-Washington
Mr. Tyler Hercules
Mr. Japbir Gill
Mr. Thomas Nickel
Ms. Sheena Townsend
Mrs. Aryanna C. Hunter

Executive Office

Ms. Ingrid R. Shepard, President

Mrs. Tosha Shepard – Washington, Vice President

Mr. David E. Phillips, Secretary

Mr. Japbir Gill, Treasurer

Executive Director
Ingrid R. Shepard
Ph: 215-278-4400
Fax: 215-599-9117
Email: ishepard@theonelessfoundation.org

Office Administrator

Ph: 215-278-4400
Fax: 215-599-9117

Program Coordinator

Lindsay Hope

Ms. Ingrid R. Shepard, Founder

Ingrid is the owner of Shepard Consulting LLC, a firm that provides advisory services to the Federal government, banks and financial institutions on matters related to U.S. Anti-Money Laundering laws and related compliance issues. Ms. Shepard’s professional experience includes employment at Merrill Lynch and the Bank of New York specializing in legal, compliance and international taxation. Ms. Shepard has also worked as a Tax Associate at Ernst and Young, LLP and Global Tax Network specializing in expatriate taxes. Ms. Shepard was born and raised in Denver, CO and moved to Philadelphia, PA, in 2002 where she currently resides. Ms. Shepard attended Texas A & M University. She sits on the Board of Directors for the Germantown Special Services District (GSSD) a municipal authority.

Mrs. Catherine E. Paige-Walker

Catherine currently works at JPMorgan Chase in Wilmington, DE. She previously worked as a Finance Administrator, Technical Support and as an eMAA Administrator at Campbell Soup Company. Mrs. Paige-Walker is an Honorably Discharged Navy Vet, who served in the Persian Gulf War. She is a wife and mother of four children.

Mrs. Tosha Shepard- Washington

Tosha currently serves as the Marketing Project and Programs Manager for AAA Colorado, where she is responsible for set-up, scheduling, tracking, reporting and anylysis of marketing activites; as well as budget management and business planning for Membership Marketing. Her previous professional experience has been in coordinating Direct Response Ad Sales in the cable industry. She graduated from Colorado State University with a degree in Technical Journalism/Public Relations and a certificate in Ethnic Studies with an emphasis on African American Studies. Mrs. Washington lives with her husband, Maurice, in Denver Colorado.
Mr. Tyler Hercules
Tyler was born in Brooklyn, New York. His professional experience includes interning for Councilwoman Cindy Bass, who represents the 8th District in Philadelphia. He has worked for the US Social Security Administration in the Human Resource Department. He has also spent two summers as a camp counselor, working at the YMCA. Mr. Hercules was named a “New Leader’s Council” finalist in 2012. He has a BA from Temple University.

Mr. Japbir Gill

Japbir is currently a student at Villanova University pursuing a Masters degree in Business Administration. He previously held positions of Sr. Financial Analyst at Styron LLC, Finance Manager at Godiva Chocolatier, Business Analyst at AOL Time Warner, and Investment Analyst at General Electric. In his professional career he has specialized in international financial leadership and value creation through data valuation and analysis. In addition, he has held non-profit Board positions at Artists On The Brink and The State News. Mr. Gill received his Bachelors of Science in Finance and Economics at Michigan State University, where he was also on the cross country and track and field teams. He currently resides in Media, PA.

Mrs. Aryanna C. Hunter
Aryanna grew up the youngest of ten children in a family that lived below the poverty line. In 2001 she joined the United States Army just weeks after the attacks of 9/11 and is an Iraq War veteran having served with the 18th Airborne as a Radio Communications Operator. She is a SAP Software consultant working for multiple Fortune 500 companies, defense contractors and the Department of Defense. She holds a Bachelors degree in Business Administration-Operations Management from DeVry University and a Masters in Project Management from Keller Graduate School of Management. In 2012, Aryanna won her party’s nomination to become the congressional candidate for the 16th district of Pennsylvania. Mrs. Hunter currently resides in  Kennet Square, PA with her two children.

Ms. Sheena Towsend

Sheena is an atttorney with a background in interntional and contract law. She has worked representing state government and corporate clients on complex commercial transactions, advised and negotiated contactual agreements, and worked with non-profits in the areas of international human rights, finance and securities regulation. Ms. Townsend is co-founder and managing partner of Empowerment Legal, a virtual transactional and business law firm, the goal of which is to not only empower each and every client, but also other young attorneys adn service providers seeking to create their own independence. Sheena graduated from Tufts University with a B.A. in Political Science. She holds a J.D. from Suffolk University Law School and an LL.M. in International Law from George Washington University Law School. Sheena is licensed to practice law in New York, Massachusettes.

Mr. David E. Phillips

David currently works as a Consultant at Deloitte Consulting LLP, where he provides strategic and operational analysis for Consumer Products and Technology clients.  David grew up in McLean, VA and received is B.A from Williams College


Philadelphia Housing Development Corp (PHDC) 1234 Mrketk St., 17th flr., Phila., PA 19107

PHDC Board of Directors 2013
Anna Adams
(Representative, Finance Director)
Mary Stitt (Representative, City Managing Director)
Yvonne Haskins, Esq.
Nora Lichtash
Deborah McColloch
Ken Weinstein

Michael Koonce, Executive Vice President, PHDC
Honorable Michael A. Nutter, Mayor, City of Philadelphia


The Philadelphia Land Bank

The initial Board members of the Land Bank, until permanent members are appointed, are Michael Koonce, Brian Abernathy, Herbert Wetzel, Jennifer Kates, Courtney Voss, Rick Sauer, Bill Salas, Majeedah Rasheed, Ken Scott, Don McGrogan, and Paul Badge.


SoLo/Germantown Civic Association 4908 Wayne Ave Phila PA 19144

Leadership Team

Allison Weiss Block Capt Organizer awfromhh@gmail.com

Nettie Boykin Block Capt Organizer

Pamela Bracey

Brenda Cherry

Board Tookany/Tacony-Frankfort Watershed

Joan Blaustein, Philadelphia Parks and Recreation
Joan S. Blaustein serves as the Director of Urban Forestry and Ecosystem Management Division for the Philadelphia Department of Parks and Recreation. This department is responsible for 13 percent of the city’s land, comprising over 300 parks and recreation facilities, ranging from neighborhood playgrounds to vast natural areas, making it one of the largest urban park systems in the country. The Division is responsible for maintaining and restoring the Department’s 5,400 acres of forests, streams, lakes, meadows and wetlands; managing the public tree canopy, including all street trees; conducting assessments and analysis for resource management; and advancing the city’s urban agriculture efforts. Joan is a native of Pittsburgh, PA where she developed a diverse portfolio of environmental experience, including new program development, project implementation, strategic planning, and public process. Joan is a graduate of the University of Pittsburgh with a BS in Biology and Chemistry.

Joanne Dahme, TTF Vice President, Philadelphia
Joanne Dahme was appointed General Manager of the Public Affairs Division in January, 2009. She holds a B.C.E. degree in Civil Engineering from Villanova University and an M.J. in Journalism and a Masters in Creative Writing, both from Temple University. Ms. Dahme joined the Water Department in 1980 and served as the Manager of the Public Affairs Division from 1994 to 1999. She later served as a Watersheds Programs Manager for the Department’s Office of Watersheds until returning to assume her current position in Public Affairs. She currently serves on the board of the Delaware Estuary Program in addition to several regional watershed planning committees.

Wendy Green-Harvey, SEPTA
Wendy Green-Harvey has spent the last decade as a Constituent Relations Coordinator at Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA). The Authority provides multi-modal transportation in Bucks, Chester, Delaware, Montgomery and Philadelphia counties in southeastern Pennsylvania. In this role, she works directly with community groups, elected officials and businesses regarding SEPTA construction and transit projects. She also serves as a liaison with individuals, agencies and communities in resolving issues regarding public transit. During construction projects, she mitigates and manages business and residential concerns. Wendy also coordinates community requests to place art and gardens/plantings on SEPTA property. Her career includes working as a case manager for the Greater Philadelphia Urban Affairs Coalition, a public relations assistant at Cheyney University of Pennsylvania and as an office aide to the late State Senator Hardy Williams. Wendy holds a Bachelor of Arts in English Arts from Hampton University in Hampton, VA and earned her Masters’ Degree in Journalism from the University of Maryland, College Park.

Susan Harris, Citizen
Susan Harris served as Watershed Specialist at the Montgomery County Conservation District for twelve years. Her responsibilities at the District included coordinating the Watershed program, reviewing plans and permit applications for compliance with Chapter 102 Erosion and Sediment Control program, website administration, and coordination of educational events. In her role as Watershed Specialist, Susan managed and coordinated watershed restoration and protection projects. Project responsibilities included grant writing, administering funding, managing budgets and construction bids, providing technical assistance, and design and implementation of watershed restoration and stormwater management projects.

Laurie Harvey, TTF Treasurer
Laurie Harvey serves as our new Treasurer.  As a partner at Maillie LLP, auditing firm for Cheltenham Township, Laurie comes to us highly recommended by our outgoing, long-serving Treasurer, Bryan Havir.

Bryan Havir, TTF Vice President, Montgomery County 
Bryan T. Havir, P.P., AICP has been employed for the last 14 years as  Township Manager for Cheltenham Township, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania. He holds a BA in Political Science and a MPA in Public Administration from the Pennsylvania State University. He is a licensed professional planner in the State of New Jersey, member of the American Institute of Certified Planners, American Planning Association, and the Urban Land Institute, Philadelphia Chapter. With over twenty-five years combined municipal and county government and land use planning experience, he has a strong background and passion for helping to make local government efficient, effective, action-oriented and responsive to the goals and needs of communities. Such issues include developing cooperative programs, regional planning initiatives, and seeking grant funding for economic and community development and sustainable planning initiatives, housing and neighborhood preservation, open space and historic preservation, conservation, environmental and watershed stewardship in New Jersey and Pennsylvania with a concentration on the immediate Greater Philadelphia Region and within the Tookany-Tacony Frankford Watershed. Since 2005, he has served on the TTF board as Cheltenham Township’s municipal representative and currently serves as board treasurer.

Stephen Heverin, Springfield Township
Stephen P. Heverin is currently a Web Technology Engineer for Pfizer Pharmaceuticals. Pfizer is a worldwide pharmaceutical company headquartered out of New York city, New York with leading products in the areas of women’s health care, neuroscience, musculoskeletal disorders, cardiovascular therapy, vaccines, infectious disease, hemophilia, immunology and oncology. Stephen’s primary responsibilities are managing intranet and internet hosted environments for most of the company’s websites such as Advil.com, Centrum.com, Chantix.com and global internet sites worldwide. Stephen is a 1996 graduate of York College with a B.S. in Information Systems. Stephen is a past president and current member of the Delaware Valley chapter of the Alumni Committee since 2004. Stephen is also a member of the Springfield Township Environmental advisory committee, serving as a member since August 2010. He recently became Chair of the EAC in April 2011.

Gerald Kaufman, TTF President, Citizen
Gerry Kaufman has served as an independent consultant since 1993, assisting organizations, particularly nonprofits, to become results-oriented and future-focused. Areas of expertise include board governance, group facilitation, organizational assessments, long-range planning, management of Future Search Conferences and training design and delivery. Gerry has previously served as a Program Associate at LaSalle University’s Nonprofit Management Development Center, Acting Executive Director for the National Council of Nonprofit Organizations, and President of the Center for Non Profit Corporations. Gerry also served as a legislative consultant and was a member of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives from 1967 to 1972.

Fred Lewis, Senior Environment Corps, Center in the Park
Fred Lewis is the Volunteer Coordinator for the Senior Environment Corps at Center in the Park in Germantown. The Senior Environment Corps is a group of dedicated volunteers who value the area’s natural resources and are working to conserve, preserve and improve the environment for future generations. Established in 1997, the Senior Environment Corps provides opportunities for older adults to play an active, visible role in environmental protection, education and advocacy. Fred previously served as a management consultant in the laundry industry. He is active in many local organizations and boards of directors, including the Philadelphia Water Department Citizen Action Committee, Friends of Vernon Park, Friends of Cliveden Park, and the Wissahickon Watershed Partnership, among others.

Ian Litwin, TTF Secretary,  Philadelphia City Planning Commission
Ian Litwin is the Community Planner for the Lower Northeast and North Delaware Districts at the Philadelphia City Planning Commission. He graduated from the Edward J. Bloustein School of Planning and Public Policy at Rutgers University in 2006 with a master’s degree in City and Regional Planning. Prior to joining the Philadelphia City Planning Commission, Ian worked for both small and large architecture and urban design firms designing neighborhoods, writing master plans, and developing form-based zoning codes. He is working with City agencies to create a greenway and trail along the Frankford Creek in the neighborhoods of Juniata Park and Frankford.

Emma Melvin, Pennsylvania Horticultural Society
Emma Melvin, ISA certified arborist, has been working with the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society since fall 2011. She came to the organization with both riparian restoration and stormwater management experience. Emma has worked in the water and natural resource protection field for the last 12 years, starting with US Geological Survey as a hydrologist in the New Jersey Water Resource Center and continuing on to the University of Vermont Lake Champlain Sea Grant, where she educated municipalities on natural resource planning and low impact development. Emma came back to the area to work with Perkiomen Watershed Conservancy as their conservation coordinator.

Denise Payne, TD Bank
Denise Payne maintained a position at Wachovia bank for 20 years, 17 of which were in management. In 2006 she left Wachovia to work for Commerce (now TD Bank) as a Branch Manager. She has 23 years of banking experience.

Beth Pilling, Montgomery County Planning Commission
Beth Pilling is a Senior Planner with Montgomery County Planning Commission; over the last 17 years, she has focused on open space planning and projects for the County and municipalities, facilitation of the County’s Open Space grant programs, collaboration with various non-profit organizations, and regional greening projects. Prior to joining MCPC, Beth used her training in landscape architecture as adjunct faculty in Temple University’s Department of Landscape Architecture, as a landscape designer for a Bucks County engineering firm, as an extension urban forester, and as a special projects designer for PECO Energy. She recently completed a ten-year membership on Lower Gwynedd Township’s Planning Commission and continues her long-term role as a Trustee of Historical Society of Montgomery County.

Michael Powers, Abington Township

Councilwoman Maria Quiñones-Sánchez, Philadelphia City Council
Maria Quiñones-Sánchez represents Philadelphia’s 7th District in City Council. She serves as Chair of the Committee of Licenses and Inspections, Vice Chair of the Streets and Services and also serves on Appropriations; Labor and Civil Service; Parks, Recreation and Cultural Affairs; Commerce and Economic Development; Public Health and Human Services; Education; Housing, Neighborhood Development and the Homeless and the Disabled and the Handicapped. Maria is a veteran activist with over 22 years of service to the City of Philadelphia, its constituents and neighborhoods, the people of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and beyond. Maria is a founding member of the Pennsylvania Statewide Latino Coalition and served as its first Co-Chair of the Board of Directors. She currently serves on the Board of Directors of the Pennsylvania Women’s Campaign Fund, a statewide political action committee working to elect progressive women to the State Legislature.

Rodman Ritchie, AKRF, Inc.
Rodman Ritchie, a Technical Director with AKRF, has over 15 years of experience in the consulting and development industries. With knowledge of environmental permitting, site civil engineering design, project management, and hydrologic and hydraulic analysis, Rod has a broad range of expertise which allows him to manage a variety of water resources-related projects. Since 2008, Mr. Ritchie’s work has focused on the design of green infrastructure, stormwater retrofits, and stream restoration projects in urban environments. He has successfully provided site civil engineering design services during the preparation of approval and construction documents for wireless telecommunications facilities and for commercial and industrial facilities throughout Pennsylvania and New Jersey. He has also successfully provided environmental consulting services such as remedial design plans, Remedial Action Work Plans (RAW), stormwater management, hydrologic and hydraulic modeling, landfill closure design, and construction oversight.

Derick Scudder, Juniata Action Committee (JAC)
Derick Scudder is Co-Chair of the Juniata Action Committee (JAC) and Junior Pastor of the Bethel Chapel Church. A key partner in our successful Healthy Trails 5k, Derick is currently working with us to plan and install a rain garden at the Cayuga Triangle, at the intersection of Cayuga and Wingohocking Streets and Castor Avenue in Philadelphia.

Patrick Starr, Pennsylvania Environmental Council
Patrick Starr serves as Senior Vice President and leads the southeast regional office (serving Berks, Bucks, Chester, Delaware, Montgomery, and Philadelphia Counties) located in Center City Philadelphia. Major initiatives under Starr’s direction include the Tidal Delaware Initiative, building the East Coast Greenway, Urban Stormwater Management and Philadelphia Sustainability. Patrick serves on numerous task forces and boards including Mayor Nutter’s Sustainability Advisory Board, Delaware River City Corporation, the Central Delaware Advocacy Group, GreenSpace Alliance. In years past, he co-founded the Delaware Valley Smart Growth Alliance, chaired the Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission’s Regional Citizens Committee, and served on the board of the Schuylkill River Development Council. He works in partnership with numerous agencies of government including the U.S. EPA, PA DEP and DCNR, DVRPC, SEPTA, as well as numerous municipalities including the City of Philadelphia.

Amy Steffen, Friends of High School Park

Christian E. Soltysiak, Jenkintown Borough
Christian has lived with her husband Lee and two year old son William in Jenkintown since 2004.  She and her husband own an independent insurance agency in Elkins Park.  Christian was appointed to Jenkintown Borough Council in January 2012 and reelected in the fall of 2013 serving on the Public Works and Public Safety committees.

Robert Thomas, Philadelphia Parks Alliance
Bob Thomas is a founding partner of Campbell Thomas & Co. Architects, founded in 1976 and a firm noted for historic preservation, energy conscious design, community development, greenways, accessible design and appropriate technology. Bob has led numerous architectural, planning, greenway, solar, bicycle and public transportation projects and has worked with such agencies as the Fairmount Park Commission, the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, and the Montgomery County Planning Commission. In addition to his architectural skills, Mr. Thomas previously worked as a planner for SEPTA, and has worked on the transportation-planning project of the Philadelphia Zoo Transportation Center. His knowledge and use of public transportation is invaluable in planning sites to be accessible by all sectors of the population. In recognition of his achievements and advocacy for accessibility, he was appointed to serve as the Chair of the City of Philadelphia’s Accessibility Advisory Board for 12 years. In this capacity he has reviewed over 800 projects, assisting in the development of innovative solutions to meet the spirit of the code and law; thus resulting in the 1997 President’s Access Award.

Sarah Wu, City of Philadelphia’s Mayor’s Office of Sustainability
Sarah Wu is the Policy and Outreach Manager in the City of Philadelphia Mayor’s Office of Sustainability. Prior to joining the Office of Sustainability, Sarah helped implement Opportunity NYC, an incentive program working to improve the health, employment, and education of New Yorkers in poverty. Sarah also served on New York University’s Sustainability Task Force to help the University make green choices in its long-term planning and facilities management. Before moving to New York, Sarah researched national environmental policies at a non-partisan organization in Washington, DC. Sarah holds an undergraduate degree from Williams College and a Masters in Urban Planning from New York University.

John Wynne, Rockledge Borough
John Wynne has served as Chief Cameraman for New Jersey Public Television since 1980. He holds a Masters of Public Administration from Rutgers University and a BA in Broadcast Journalism, from Penn State University and is a Certified Public Manager in the state of New Jersey. John is the Chairman of the Rockledge Borough Planning Commission and the Chairman of the Rockledge Borough Shade Tree Commission.



Julie Slavet, Executive Director                                                         Julie Slavet has over 20 years of experience in community affairs, program development, andpersonnel management. Most recently, she served as the senior district staff member for Congresswoman Allyson Schwartz, leading constituent services and outreach efforts in a district of 650,000 constituents in Montgomery County and Northeast Philadelphia. Julie earned a B.A. in Environmental Studies from Smith College and an M.S. in Public Affairs from the University of Massachusetts. Julie has served as an Advisor to the Jenkintown Community Alliance, and as a Director of the Montgomery County Democratic Women’s Leadership Initiative,and member of the Hiway Theatre Board.    Contact Julie at 215.744.1853 or julie@ttfwatershed.org.

Alix Howard, Director of Education and Outreach
As TTF’s Director of Education & Outreach, Alix oversees education, outreach and community building effort throughout the watershed. Alix earned a BA in Social Ecology and a Minor in Urban and Regional Planning from the University of California, Irvine. She moved to Philadelphia and started working in community development and environmental education in 2009. She comes to TTF from the Local Initiatives Support Corporation (through the Partnership CDC), where she served as Green Build Coordinator. Contact Alix at 215.744.1853 or alix@ttfwatershed.org.

Brynn Monaghan, Communications Director
Brynn Monaghan is TTF’s Communications Director. She works to engage community members through use of communications tools, including but not limited to social media, and oversees production and distribution of all promotional materials. Brynn holds a B.A. in Advertising with a concentration in Copywriting from Temple University. After graduating in 2010, Brynn has contributed her writing, photography and social media skills to several Philadelphia-based blogs and magazines. Contact Brynn at 215.744.1853 or brynn@ttfwatershed.org.

Alex Cooper, Community Engagement Coordinator
Alex holds a degree in Geography with a concentration in hydrology from West Chester University.    He has held positions engaging community members to become watershed stewards in Mississippi and New Jersey and now aims to mobilize TTF citizens.  Contact Alex at 215.744.8153 or cooper@ttfwatershed.org

Staff Photographs by Lindsay Deal


Weavers Way Coop and also Weavers Way Non-Profit follows below)

Board of Directors


Margaret Lenzi President  2012-2015

Jeremy Thomas Vice President 2012 – 2015

Stu Katz Treasurer 2010 – 2013

Laura Morris Siena Secretary 2013-2016

At Large Directors

David Woo Immediate Past President

Nathea Lee 2011 – 2014

Joshua Bloom 2013-2014

Lisa Hogan 2013-2014

Chris Hill 2013 – 2016

Linda Shein 2011 – 2014

Dave Tukey 2012 – 2015

Megan Seitz Clinton 2012 – 2015


Our Nonprofit

WWCP Staff

Jill Fink Executive Director

Alison Hirsch Program Coordinator

Shelley Hedlund Farm Education Coordinator

Larken Wright Kennedy Junior Farm Educator

Clare Hyre Farm Education Coordinator

Jesse Mostoller Marketplace Assistant

WWCP Board of Governors

Mira Rabin President

Laura M. Siena Vice President 2013.
Ann O’Brien Schmieg Secretary

Maisha Jackson Treasurer

Sarah Bunch

Harriet Dichter

Jarma Frisby

Jeffrey Fuller

Margaret Guthrie

Norman Matlock

Jiana Murdic

Annabella Roig

Patricia Stranahan

Sue Wasserkrug


West Mt Airy Neighbors 6703 Germantown Avenue, Suite 200 Phila., PA 19119

Officers (2013-2014)

Leslie Winder, President

Allyson Katzman Bormack, Executive Vice President

Susan Dannenberg,  Vice President, Physical Resources

Marilyn Lambert,  Vice President, Community Affairs

Della Lazarus, Vice President, Development and Communications

Martin Schmieg, Vice President of Finance


Emily Adeshigbin
Sue Badeau
Nurit Bloom
Sandra Booth
Stephanie Branche Carter
Michelle Brown-Nevers
Eric Carbone
Francine Donato
Anuj Gupta
Steve Hastie
Brian Hester
Doris Kessler
Cindy Lees
Stacy McLoughlin Taylor
Mary Hale Meyer
Karen A. Scott
Jeffrey Sedwin
Pranshu Verma

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